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What does 'factorization theory' mean?

The insightful grouping and regrouping factors (of relevant elements) from science, art, culture, history, experience and intuition with the goal of substantiating the factorization theory about man's origin and purpose such that it leads to a plausible, binding and cohesive whole.
Angels with trumpets? Satan the Devil arising from Hell? Bacteria that collectively and spontaneously decide to alter man? Horrible dinosaurs that change into cute little house sparrow?
Or, as the factorization theory argues: 'a solid and orderly plan?'
There has always been debate about the origin, purpose and distribution of man around the world and it continues to take place in all its intensity. In these discussions, science and religion leave their marks on all our thinking. Science only sporadically changes its position based upon new discoveries and interpretations. For scientists, the theory of evolution is the absolute truth! The same obstinacy applies to religious ideas. In addition, the two continue to undermine and run each other's work down.
But judgement without insight leads to involvement without prospects! Thus, renewal eludes religion and science. The factorization theory argues that the religion and science must not and cannot exclude one another. All in all, this means that there is, as yet, no certainty about the unique mystery of our existence. The truth cannot be found solely in traditional religious convictions or in the evolution theory. It is for these reasons that I started my research and it has proved to have far-reaching consequences.
Based upon extensive research, Longing for the stars provides a gamut of innovative propositions regarding the origin and meaning of life; it is supplemented by exciting and moving stories based on true events and is embedded in an adventurous and imaginative novel. Thus, Robin Goldstein outruns accepted evolutionary and theological theories!
Enjoy reading Longing for the stars! HEIMWEE NAAR DE STERREN.