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(Treatment / Synopsis Script)

In a prophetic dream adventurer - Robin Goldstein - is shown a hyper realistic glimpse on a harmonious world. The dream leaves him with a message for mankind. He has to guide the human race to a higher form of civilization.

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi.

Theme: Hold on to your dream how bizarre as this may seem.
Reason:This film is a must see if you want to dream big.
Writers: Robin Goldstein (novel), Paul van Schaik (scenario).

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Synopsis
1.3 Character description
1.4 Vision Goldstein

1.1 Introduction
The Secret of Gold tells the story of Robin Goldstein, who discovers one of the biggest secrets of mankind. In a dream Goldstein is shown a glimpse of a more harmonious world. Technical solutions have relieved mankind of most of their shortcomings, energy is free available and aging is cured. Primitive human reactions as hate and jealousy have been overcome, love has won. Working is minimalized to a few hours a day, machines and robots take care of most of the work. The overflow of spare time is used for all sorts of creation and recreation. Life is one big celebration. Abundance is available for all. In this dream Robin meets a wonderful lady. The two are attracted to each other like magnets. At the point they are about to make love, she whispers something in Robins ear. But before he can ask what she’s trying to say he wakes up. He realizes that he’s been given a command. He has to warn mankind..... But for what? The quest of Goldstein is born.

The -search of Goldstein is filmed as a documentary. In which rough cut material is presented as homemade video recordings discovered in the Goldstein Institute. After Robin’s mysterious disappearance. This in extreme contrast with flashbacks to the dream, that are imaged in a bigtime 3D Hollywood production. The third part of the movie,where Goldstein creates his paradise on earth, is filmed in a quality that relates to that of the dream.

1.2 Synopsis
Adventurer Robin Goldstein awakes out of a hyper realistic dream that has shown him a better world. This world seems to him as the Kingdom of God as it has been promised in the Bible. An important message to mankind has been given to him. His mission starts with finding out what has been shown to him. The world of the future, a lost world or one that exists real-time, on another planet?

The clues and signs, that pop up as flashbacks from his dream, guide him as a compass. They lead him to pyramids, the Ark of the Covenant and all sorts of symbols that belong to the lost civilization of Atlantis. It turns out that this civilization was created by a mankind like us, called the Elohim. They created men according to their image.

A conflict arises when the discovery of Goldstein is not believed. His vision and his scientific theory, for which he brings forward convincing evidence, is not accepted. His dissertation is repudiated by the scientific world and banned by the religious powers. Goldstein is furious. Now that his vision is not accepted he lacks the power to warn mankind. Along the way of his quest he has found out that the message he has to propagate is that the Elohim are about to return to reap the harvest.

The frustration drives Goldstein close to insanity. A compulsory admission to a mental hospital awaits. When his family and friends arrange him to be separated from his children, he truly starts exhibit manicallly behavior.

Guardian angel
Savior of this disaster comes in with the help of a lady, called Sira. His 'guardian angel' shows remarkable resemblance with the love of his dream. Sira comforts him and they team up in his quest to save mankind.

Good and evil
Through gnostic knowledge of secrets societies like free masonry and the Illuminati, they discover the real reason of the former destruction of civilization. The first civilization on earth, that of Atlantis, had reached the same level of technical advancement as that of their creators. When the elite mastered the art of live extension the Elohim judged that this didn’t stroke with their spiritual evolution. The gap that existed between the rich and the poor (in spiritual respect) was too big. And because the greatness of a civilization is measured by how it treats its weakest members the Elohim judged that mankind was not ready for eternal life. Therefore Atlantis was destroyed by the Elohim.

Growing imperium
To proof his hypothesis Goldstein develops, according to Atlantian formula, an elixir to extend life. In his castle, that is turned into a longevity clinic, he invites the most suited people for treatment. Robin and Sira live like the uncrowned king and queen of a growing imperium of perfect people. In a paradisiacal future world, exactly like the world Robin has seen in his prophetic dream.

Struggle for power
Then a shortage of the most important ingredient of his magical elixir, gold, threatens to end their glory. The price is going up extremely. It turns out that the worldwide gold supply is in hands of the powerful bankers family the Godchilds.

Goldstein forms an army to attack the Godchilds headquarter in Israel. In his believe the bankers family is the root of all evil. He is wrong. In a hilarious scene the godfather of the Godchild family, head of the Illuminati, surrenders. Abraham Godchild turns out to be a wise man. He's a representive of the Elohim and responsible for the guidance of mankind in their evolution to immortality. His policy is minimal interference. Robin and Sira are invited as special guest in his palace. On the enormous estate they find a float of UFOs, ARC 528, ready for takeoff. Will history repeat itself?...

1.3 Characterization protagonist
Goldstein is a fighter. Literally and figuratively. He has served in the Foreign Legion and is an adventurer at heart. A man with a mission. And as a truth finder he never let’s go. Goldstein is a bit of a loner. Which isn’t a problem to him, he’s a proud being different. Robin is a man with a mission. His determination frightens people, but also attracts admirers. Goldstein has charisma, sense of humor and is a charmer. He combines the characters of Indiana Jones and James Bond.

1.4 Vision Goldstein

In his books Longing for the stars and the Secret of Gold, Goldstein describes that the immortal Elohim colonized the ancient continent Pangea.They brought the civilization of Atlantis. Men is created in their image, in duality. As man and woman, to procreatie and to allow a spiritual evolution take place, so that a new human species arises. Goldstein discovered that something went wrong with this development, around 16,000 BC. The evolution didn’t follow the pad that was expected. Therefore the Elohim had to repair their mistake. They destroyed humanity almost completely with atomic weapons. A few successful examples were rescued and taken to their home planet Sirius. The survivors on earth were thrown back in their development. They have been given a second chance. For years they lived in caves until the radiation faded. A disaster that has been interpreted in various leading religions as "Punishment of God." With the destruction that accompanied the Flood, the ancient continent of Atlantis was beaten to pieces. We descent of those who survived and spread across the continents (as described in the story The Tower of Babel).